SECRETScover4Now, I’m not sure how you got here…maybe a client of Michael’s referred you, maybe you came across one of Michael’s books, maybe you heard him speak at an event…however you got here… Your day just got a lot better.

There are a lot of different agents to choose from in the San Diego area but few that come with the background, knowledge, experience and street-smart skills that Michael Roualdes offers.

Michael Roualdes is a San Diego Real Estate Expert...Author of SECRETS OF A HOME BUYING EXPERT...and, the soon to be released, SECRETS OF A HOME SELLING EXPERT.

His focus is not JUST buying and selling homes. He's going to guide you quickly, easily, safely and profitably through your real estate transaction. He's going to keep you protected and safe, and watch out for your best interests given the obstacles, issues and pitfalls involved in today's complicated transactions. His job is to maximize your profits, maintain control, and reduce the stress that comes with the buying and selling of real estate.

What Other Industry Experts Say About Michael...

"He was always coming up with new and more powerful negotiating techniques for buying and selling homes. He’s a genius at negotiating and marketing. He’s always looking to get the most for his clients. Don’t buy or sell a house without him."    K. S., Real Estate Broker

"Michael’s a brilliant real estate agent. He’s always thinking of new and creative solutions to either get his sellers the biggest check possible or save his buyers thousands on their purchase. He has a great reputation among agents that have worked with him, and buyers and sellers love the results he brings them, saving or making them more money than they thought was possible."     O.J., Real Estate Broker

"I’ve worked with Michael for years. He’s easily one of the smartest agent I’ve ever worked with. Whether it’s working with buyers or sellers, he is totally dedicated to bringing the most value possible to his customers and making the whole experience as stress-free as possible for his clients. And that’s not an easy thing to do given the challenges of the current marketplace. I highly recommend his services to anyone buying or selling a home."    L. P., Real Estate Agent

"I’ve worked with a lot of agents and Michael is one of the few I can recommending without reservation. I’ve seen the types of deals and savings he’s generated for his real estate clients and they are impressive. I’ve even spoken with his clients and they totally appreciate the work he does and the value he brings them. Michael is the guy you want helping you on your next real estate transaction."    D. W., Loan Officer

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